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Business Owners Rally at Kentucky Capital In Support Of Burning Barrel Skill Games

Feb 14, 2023 10:35:24 AM • By Michael Barley

Louisville, KY – Today, the Kentucky Merchants and Amusement Coalition (KY MAC), along with its members, rallied in the Capitol Rotunda in support of legal skill games.  

The organization, which boasts 350+ members comprised of local small businesses and fraternal organizations across the state, is urging lawmakers to pass legislation that would regulate and tax games of skill in the Commonwealth. These games, which provide supplemental income to businesses and entertainment to location customers, have recently been the subject of attacks from the horse industry wishing to ban them.  

3b30adc3-eb5c-45b2-9988-12b10b9026a9Kentucky Merchants and Amusement Coalition (KY MAC) Rally in the Capitol Rotunda in Support of Regulating Skill Games  

 Business owners in Kentucky rally at state capital
For UofL and NFL player and small business advocate, Chris Redman, joined several small business owners from across the state to speak at the event.  
“It seems strange to me that hard-working business owners have to hold a rally to protect a legal source of income that helps keep their doors open,” said Chris Redman. “I would think state leaders would be happy to help the people who are hiring Kentuckians and fueling the economy.” 
“A lot of the businesses represented here today are family owned. People are proud of their restaurants, bars, and other establishments. They have been able to weather tough economic times, such as the recent pandemic. Right now, all of our businesses are facing a new downturn in the economy. This means increased costs, and add to that, staffing challenges,” said Julius Belle, Lexington-based small business owner. “What really makes a difference for businesses and veteran and fraternal groups is skill games.” 

KYMAC members rally at state capital in support of skill games

“By now we have all seen the ads the sham organization Kentuckians Against Illegal Gambling is running. These ads call us predators, criminals, and mafia members. There is nothing more hypocritical to me than Churchill Downs and the horse racing industry - who are backing this organization - making these outrageous claims,” said Terry Shank, Glasgow-based small business owner. “I take pride in the great reputation my company has in offering coin-operated entertainment devices to our customers. Just like the Jukeboxes we offer - skill games are entertainment.” 

Chris Redman shows support of Kentucky skill games

At a time when costs are rising while margins stay slim, restaurants and fraternal organizations need all the help they can get. We are here today to ask our legislators not to listen to the misinformation being spewed by those who wish to ban our games. Instead, listen to the hundreds of small businesses telling you what is true – that these are entertainment devices that support small businesses,” said Kama Reed, Northern Kentucky-based small business owner. “Skill games are legal and with additional regulation could do even more good for Kentucky.” 

Learn more at www.joinkymac.com


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