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Velocity is your powerfully integrated suite of tools, now exclusively and proudly powered by Pace-O-Matic.

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Customer Service:

ROUTE Management

Velocity offers RouteBoost, the industry’s most technologically advanced software. RouteBoost removes human error by offering split settings, fees and minimums, and recording tax information.

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RouteBoost is a cloud-based route management system allowing operators to organize and store important accounting, servicing, collection, fill, and repair information. 

  • Keep track of ALL your assets (machines, locations, inventory, etc.)
  • Save time
  • Increase accuracy
  • Capture 100% of fees
  • Eliminate lost fees


Monthly Subscription Rate


RouteBoost is free for Pace-O-Matic machines

The Routeboost App

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Our app gives you live access to your data, collections, and reports.
Offline collection info
Print receipts using mobile Bluetooth printer Available for Purchase
Cloud Based Software Auto sync collection info when Internet is available 


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RouteBoost Pro is only available on Pace-O-Matic machines and uses the internet to collect data from Game Terminals to the cloud. Using this live data, operators can monitor and review performance of their machines without having to be on site.

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Custom Dashboard

Scroll between dashboards for up-to-date information you need to run your route in the most efficient way possible.


Pace-O-Matic offer cash management solutions for
our TRT and ATM customers.

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CashKeeper handles cash inventory management for ATM and TRT machines for an Operator’s route.

  • Closed loop cash handling
  • Dashboard insight on all cash assets
  • Service call tracking and management  
  • Administrative security notifications for checks & balances


Pace-O-Matic offers two different options for ticket
validation depending on your specific needs.

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Ticket Redemption Terminal

Operators and location staff enjoy reduced labor with a TRT.  Less wait time and hassle-free payment for players.

  • Ticket validation
  • Closed loop
  • Minimum age verification
  • Automatically pays the ticket
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TicketShield and TicketShield+ close the loop on cash in and cash out. 

  • Easily verify your tickets
  • Eliminate fraudulent tickets
  • Eliminate double payouts
  • Simple, easy-to-use app
  • Works with all Pace-O-Matic games
  • Enforces minimum age requirement

TicketShield  is available for locations with Internet and TicketShield+ is available for those with LAN. 

What others are saying

"Thank you for creating this solution for route management!  RouteBoost has changed the way we do business by saving us time, saving us money, eliminating human errors in data entry, and by letting me manage my route from anywhere on the planet.  And kudos to the tech/service department!  Jen Marchese is a treasure - always there when we need her!  I would recommend RouteBoost to anyone in the amusements industry."

Scott John, Amuse-O-Matic

"After using this a few months, not sure how we did without it. Awesome software!"

Dan Malatesta, Virtua Vending

"I need to know right now exactly what's going on with my equipment and RouteBoost can do that.  I can't imagine living without it and we did so for so many years."

Bill Lethart, Mendota Valley Amusements
"Any time I need you, you are always just a phone call away! Thank you!"
Jacob (Jay) Peck, P&D Games
"RouteBoost is one of the best things we’ve done for our business."
John Newberry, VencoTest
"The fact that it’s accessible from any online device. It’s really improved our ability to communicate with each other."
Rick Murray, Nebraska Technical Services
"I can honestly say that choosing to use RouteBoost ranks as probably the best business decision I have ever made for my company. I would not dream of trying to operate without it."
Allen George, Southwest Billiards & Games
"RouteBoost has become an integral part of our day-to-day operations. It saves us time in proofing collection tickets as well as reduces the number of minor accounting errors in the field. The reporting tools for taxes, franchises, and tracking, have really helped us reduce expenses while being able to offer exemplary service to our customers"
Michael Ueland, K&K Music Co.
"First your software is a godsend. While we are still learning and making plenty of (little) mistakes, it really helps drive efficiency, saves time, and decreases human error. It also allows us to document everything and track where our business is driving revenue and see dips and peaks, which is great for us and the customer."
Lena Keares, K&S Games
" During my time in Atlanta, I had the opportunity to connect with my friends Jen and Dan from Route Boost. Dan introduced me to the new Route Boost Pro, which is set to revolutionize the skill games industry. This system provides comprehensive information about on-location skill games, saving operators valuable time and empowering them with the knowledge to excel. Similar systems in the past have come with hefty price tags, but Route Boost Pro is completely free for operators. I would like to extend my congratulations to Jen, Dan, and the entire Pace-O-Matic team for their impressive work on this project. They have transformed MCM Elements into something truly outstanding. Great job!"
Lou Miele, Pennsylvania Skill
"Since we began using MCM/Routeboost in 2017, it has been an overwhelming positive experience. Dave & I don’t have admin office support staff and use the program ourselves. We find that Jen is ALWAYS there when we need her. She has been available even at odd times to help us! The software has assisted us tremendously in all aspects of bookkeeping and is very much appreciated."
Amy Lausterer, Lansdale Amusement Co
"Thank you for all your support and guidance over the last year. The knowledge that you and Chris shared with me allowed me to play air support while I was on a flight. Even with limited WiFi and “office space” I was able to help handle bag openings and closings and TRT accounting.

I would not have been able to do that without you."

Geoff Rosenberg, Progressive Amusements


Director, Velocity
Dan Miser has been a professional software developer for 20 years. During that time, he ran a small route. Frustrated with the software options available, Dan created RouteBoost to manage his route. Knowing the power that it held, he took it to market where others could experience the benefits of RouteBoost for their company.
Jen Marchese
Manager, Technical Support and Product Implementation
Jen Marchese has been very involved with the amusement business prior to starting with Velocity. Her move to the customer support role was a natural fit with her prior experience. She has been an integral part of product development.
Chris Bisbee
Chris Bisbee
Customer Support Representative
Chris Bisbee began building and refurbishing computers in 1997. With 20+ years of experience, Chris joined the Velocity team in 2021 as a Customer Service Representative. His prior experience working in Customer Support, Production, and I.T at Pace-O-Matic gives Chris unique insight into operator’s needs.
Cameron Bakke
Cameron Bakke
Senior Software Engineer
Cameron Bakke has worked in various roles on software development teams since 2005. In 2012, he began consulting on CashKeeper and RouteBoost applications. In 2021, he proudly joined Pace-O-Matic to expand and enhance Velocity’s suite of products.
Patrick Harris
Patrick Harris
Software Engineer

With 12+ years of I.T and programming experience prior to joining Pace-O-Matic in 2007, Patrick's considerable knowledge base continues to be a valuable asset to the Velocity team. As the former Director of Information Technology for Pace-O-Matic, Patrick has an intimate understanding of Velocity's technical inner workings.

Marc Horvath
Marc Horvath
Senior Software Developer

Marc brings over 30 years of experience developing various applications in a variety of industries and technological environments. Since joining Pace-O-Matic in 2019, Marc's experience has been crucial in developing new and innovative applications.

Nathan Fisher
Nathan Fisher
Senior Software Developer

Nathan Fisher has worked as a full-stack web developer in various industries since 2002. In 2021, he joined Velocity to assist with developing Pace-O-Matic applications.

Chris Corpuz
Technical Support Representative
Chris is a highly experienced technical representative for Velocity with a wide range of customer service and technical expertise gained from various roles. With a strong background in handling customer interactions, Chris excels in providing exceptional service, resolving customer issues quickly and accurately.
Gayatri Atchanta
Software Developer
Gayatri brings 12 years of experience as a software developer in diverse technology industries. Her expertise has been instrumental since joining Pace-O-Matic in 2022, where she has played a crucial role in the development and enhancement of Velocity's backend application. 
David Harper
David Harper
Project Manager

More than 30 years in various customer support, documentation, training, requirements, and project management positions.  David joined Pace-O-Matic in 2019 as a technical writer and quickly became a project manager for Velocity's backend application.

Sri Das
Sri Das
Technical Writer

Sri is an analytical and detail-oriented technical writer, experienced in authoring and managing complex software and hardware technical documentation. She has worked in diverse industries, ranging from telecommunications, engineering/manufacturing, and now gaming. This has given her the flexibility to manage multiple workloads and work with cross-functional teams.

Heather Hooper
Integration Tester

Heather Hooper has worked at several National Corporations before finding a home at Pace-O-Matic. She started working in Production with Pace-O-Matic in 2018. She then moved to Integrated Testing in 2022 and has been a valuable employee ever since.

Nicole Osaseri
Integration Tester
Nicole is a motivated self-starter. Having researched multiple fields of Study Nicole joined Pace-O-Matic as an intern in 2022 and went on to join the Velocity Team in 2023. 
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