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Ban on skill games temporarily lifted as trial between former NASCAR driver and state of Virginia continues

Dec 7, 2021 8:51:34 AM • By Michael Barley

MONETA, Va. (WRIC) — The Greensville Circuit Court heard Virginia business owner and former NASCAR driver Hermie Sadler’s petition for a preliminary injunction to prevent the enforcement of the ban on skill games on Monday.

That afternoon, a motion was granted for a temporary injunction. This means for the time being the ban has been put on hold and businesses can operate the games.

Sadler’s attorneys argued that the ban should be placed on hold because the law establishing it (SB 971) is unconstitutional and that their petition is about free speech.

On Monday the judge determined that the law was too vague and violated First Amendment rights.

Sadler claims the ban that went into effect on July 1 has adversely impacted hundreds of small business owners, convenience stores, truck stops and restaurants throughout the commonwealth.

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