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Skill Games' Contribution Beyond Fun and Entertainment

Feb 12, 2024 10:38:43 AM • By Gina Trumm Reinhardt

In a conversation with Alex Lee, owner of Taco Ssam, the significance of skill games in small business sustainability came to light. Beyond being a mere source of entertainment, these games became the unsung heroes during tumultuous periods like the COVID-19 pandemic.


Alex shared how skill games became the financial backbone for his business, by providing additional revenue when traditional streams were no longer reliable. The games represented a unique bridge between strategic gaming and steady income. This sit down with Alex highlighted how this new source allowed him to make plans for expansions, renovations, and employment opportunities for his business, and that furthered the local economy.


From learning about skill games to advocating their vital role in business, Alex emphasized the need for understanding skill games. For him, it's not just about playing; it's about engaging communities, fostering growth, and offering an alternative entertainment avenue that significantly bolsters small businesses.


The conversation underscored the potential legislative impact, where changes could hinder the remarkable contributions these games make to communities. Alex's viewpoint shed light on their societal value, drawing parallels between these games and popular entertainment venues, advocating for their role as community cornerstones.


Ultimately, the interview illuminated how skill games extend beyond gaming tables, becoming integral to community support, local economies, and the dynamic survival of small businesses in challenging times.


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The above interview reflects experiences from when skill games were previously operating in Virginia. The games have since been disabled in compliance with state law. If you are interested in supporting skill games in Virginia, please visit www.joinvamac.com

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