Dominating the Industry. Redefining the Future.

At Pace-O-Matic, we’re doing more than merely dominating the skill game industry. We’re putting power back into the hands of America’s small business owners.

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Pace-O-Matic is a software company which develops revenue producing games and innovative technology that players love to play and can use their skills to win every time. We are focused on providing sustainable and supplemental income for small businesses and committed to building up the communities where our games are located.


Our skill games are exciting to play, but they also do a lot of good for small businesses and local communities across the country. We the people are more than a game.



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“Last October, we had almost lost our business. We were able to survive and these skill games are helping. The money that we generate goes back into the building.”

- Ray Nystul & Nancy Goodard
Frosty’s Lounge , 
Casper, WY 
“Skill games have brought new business in. I’ve seen new faces come in that I hadn’t seen before here in Paris.”

- Joy Rodriguez 
Bourbon Barrel Bar and Grill,
 Paris, KY
“ Skill games started helping us come back. We were able to pull money back in our accounts from Burning Barrel.”

- Vivian Griffis 
Griff’s Bar, 
Latonia, KY 
“Those games have made guests stay longer at the business. I sell a couple more drinks. Anybody who’s been running a bar in a remote area in Wyoming knows that you have to maximize every bit of revenue you can find. ”

- Burke Steeley
Boulder Bar & Grill,
 Boulder, WY
“I have enjoyed a boost in revenue since I began hosting machines and that has helped my business. I have been able to keep the place open, do needed improvements and create a brighter forecast for the business than at any time in the past.”

- Curtis Parr
Bubba’s Bar & Grill, 
Henrico, VA
“The thing I like about skill games is the money goes back into the community, to the working class of people.”

- Matthew Moore
Toymaster Vending,
 Manassas, VA
“I wanted to take care of my employees and give them health benefits. I was happy I could pay for them with the revenue I receive from skill games.”

- Meredith Harris
L&B Pizzeria and Sports Bar, Dale City, VA
“The shutdown of skill games last year hurt a lot of small businesses. I saw operators along with restaurant and bar owners really struggle.”

- John Newberry
Owner of Venco
Business Solutions,
Bland, VA


Pace-O-Matic has a disruptive business model focusing on small businesses to provide sustainable, supplemental income!

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Hosted by NFL legend LaVar Arrington, this podcast is focused on the positive impact skill games have on small businesses, fraternal clubs, veterans’ clubs and community organizations.

POM-SMART-Modified Compressed
Component 3 – 1
Component 4 – 1

Pace-O-Matic is the proud Title Sponsor of SMART Modified Tour featuring some of the best Modified drivers and racing in the region.


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