Michael Pace is the founder and CEO of Pace-O-Matic. For more than 30 years Michael has been a leader in the coin-op industry. As an innovator, Michael is recognized for some significant accomplishments that include creating the first countertop video game and developing the first game terminal that offered multiple games in a single console.

In 1980 Michael started Digital Controls which manufactured electronic video games for the coin-op amusement industry. One of the early successes for the company was the Little Casino game which allowed players four different playing choices in one machine.

Michael’s second big hit was in 1989 with the development of the Pot-O-Gold which is recognized as one of the highest earning games in the industry. His successes along with a keen eye for the coin-op industry led to the start of Pace-O-Matic in 2000.

Pace-O-Matic is a leader in the industry because of its consistent investment in its employees and its technology. Experts in Compliance, Game Design, Local laws and regulations, Electronics and Software development blend with sales and marketing teams to deliver top-earning, legal systems.

Michael Pace sees a bright future for the gaming industry and Pace-O-Matic. When asked what sets Pace-O-Matic apart from the other gaming companies he said, “First and foremost we will always maintain our focus on complying with the laws of each state and will continue to maintain our leadership role in developing new, exciting technologies for the coin-op marketplace.” read more...

Robert Hawk, Vice President of Compliance

Robert "Bob" Hawk, Pace-O-Matic's Vice President of Compliance, checks, double-checks, and then triple-checks to make sure the company complies with a jurisdiction’s gaming laws. Always on the side of the law, for 28 years Hawk preyed on the bad guys, working for the FBI as a special agent in organized crime and later as one of its public relations directors.

Before accepting his position at Pace-O-Matic several years ago, Hawk took three months to assess its genuineness to make certain the company was legal and ethical. When Pace originally pursued Hawk for his expertise in the law and public relations, he was skeptical about working for the company. He explained, “Michael told me 'Look at us, come down to Atlanta, work with us there, and attend meetings in Ohio, and if you see something you don’t like, walk away and I'll still be your friend.'"

Michael was so convincing and honest Hawk decided to give it a three-month trial as an independent consultant. Hawk said, "During that time I saw nothing that concerned me about anything the company did. They were always above board." He then signed on to work as a fulltime employee.

Hawk, who is based in Cleveland, Ohio, said Pace-O-Matic garnered the support of local authorities and/or officials around the state before the company sold any games there. Hawk added that in those counties or cities where the games were not welcome, Pace-O-Matic walked away without even attempting to place one game there. "Our belief was and is that we only want to be where we are welcome," Hawk said.

The former FBI agent met with prosecutors, chiefs of police and sheriffs around the state to inform them of how the games worked and how they had been reviewed by independent specialists.

In counties and cities where authorities said the games sounded fine, Pace-O-Matic sold games in those areas. Some game operators had multiple locations around the state and Hawk advised them where the games were not welcome. “I told them if law enforcement doesn't want us there, be a good neighbor, and walk away."

Now that Ohio is changing its gaming laws and calling for all skill-based amusement redemption machines to comply with upcoming rules and regulations, Pace-O-Matic will create new games that fit the laws of that state, working with the OCMA and the Lottery Commission. Hawk said, "As Michael always says, ‘We always have to do the right thing’”.

Ryan H. Wood ,Vice President Business Development

Primarily focused on opening and maintaining all markets in which POM currently operates.

Ryan works closely with legal counsel to provide all support necessary to protect the integrity of our product.  He also serves on the Game Development committee that is responsible for the newest game additions to the Cutting Edge platform.

Ryan was instrumental in the selection of our manufacturing partnership with Miele Manufacturing.  Being a Georgia native, he started his career with Reynolds Plantation/Ritz Carlton and moved into Financial Planning before joining the POM team in February of 2013. 

He graduated from Florida State University in 2005 with a Business degree.   He resides in Suwanee, GA, with his wife and two daughters.

Danny Warren , Vice President of Finance

Mr. Warren has 30 years of experience in financial leadership roles within Atlanta based companies.

He currently serves as Vice President of Finance at Pace-O-Matic with primary responsibility overseeing the accounting department and providing financial guidance and support to all areas of the company.

As VP of Finance at Butler Shoe Corporation he led the company through a $65 million Management Buyout, financed by GE Capital.

He was a founding member of senior management at National Vision Associates, an optical retailer that progressed from start up to public offering within two years.

He has worked with numerous other companies helping establish financial systems featuring strong internal controls.

He obtained his CPA at Arthur Andersen & Co. after graduating from Emory University with a BBA, majoring in Accounting.

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