It is and has always been Pace-O-Matic’s corporate policy to design and provide only legal amusement solutions. We primarily service the Emerging Markets, where laws have been written to allow the games we design, but regulations are still pending. By being small and agile, we try to gain an early-adopter advantage over the giants of the industry.

We engage legal counsel on many levels, both local to us and to our markets, to obtain a solid understanding of the local laws, rules and regulations. We design our solutions to fully comply with those laws, rules and regulations and obtain opinion letters from trusted professional attorneys before marketing our products. In the event that a court needs to decide on the compliance of our games, we pro-actively seek the court’s approval. In the event a change in the laws of a market takes place and renders our games non-compliant, we either design a solution to bring them back into compliance or we pull out of the market.

Pace-O-Matic does not engage in “gray area” gaming. We do not allow our games and systems to be operated in markets where the operation of our products has been deemed non-compliant. We firmly believe in designing and testing fully compliant solutions for our customers. We also employ both Gaming Laboratories International and Eclipse Compliance Testing services to certify that compliance, where applicable.

Pace-O-Matic will provide you with legal support in the course of operating our games, should you need it. 

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